young first time homebuyer showing off new keys

You Are Never Too Young To Start Investing In Real Estate

Most people have a goal of… before 30 I want to become a homeowner. I am here to tell you, if you play your cards right, you can, without a doubt, become a homeowner much earlier. 

You need to find a career, not a job. Find out early on what makes you excited to get up in the morning and follow that. Do not sell yourself short and try to climb up a dead-end job. Having a good paying job only helps you when you are searching for a home as the more you make the more you can afford.

Surround yourself with successful people and help them grow. Helping them will without a doubt help yourself. Who you hang out with directly affects who you are as a person. Be sure those who you surround yourself with meet your goals.

Try to take out as little debt as possible. Some easy ways to not take out student debt is getting a scholarship or attending a trade school. I personally attended a trade school and by 21 I was making “big girl” money. I learned my value and learned how to create value in the workplace.

Do not buy anything you cannot afford. If you are looking to finance things like vacations, cars, jewelry you will be set back than someone who did not. You should live as much of a fragile life as you can until you purchase a home. Any debt that you take out will affect your purchasing power as it will negatively affect your debt to income ratio.

Do your research! Do not try to reinvent the wheel. Follow and listen to others who are doing what interest you. Analyze deals, bring a mentor with you to the properties you are looking at. Run the numbers and check comps on Zillow. You can always keep up to speed with the rental market by checking out other rentals on Zillow. Call the landlords, see what they are offering and try to be as competitive as possible.

Secure the deal. Put in offers and start executing. Once you have one, don’t stop! Keep the momentum going. Have your realtor keep you on their listing search and contact you whenever properties in your criteria pop up. Let others know your goals, tell them you are looking for properties and you would appreciate being top of mind if they hear anyone looking to sell.